Our Vision
To deliver meaningful value to our customers for all things home.
Our Mission
To serve homeowners and all of their homeownership needs.


  • Do the Right Thing

    We have the courage to challenge the status quo. We believe it's our duty to ourselves and our customers to speak up when something is wrong or can be improved. Integrity is a high standard that will always come first.

  • Embrace the Grind

    We believe everyone has limitless potential. To realize that potential, we set the highest performance standards to outthink, outwork, and outlast our competition. This energy enables you to achieve greatness and builds RoundPoint's legacy.

  • Collectively Stronger

    We believe people are our greatest asset. We create an environment that respects all differences and promotes a culture of collaboration, growth, and success. As a team, we make a meaningful difference in the lives of our people and in our community. 

  • Trust the Process

    We believe everything we do has purpose. We relentlessly build and operate within a thoughtful and rigorous framework. This discipline ensures we deliver and win. 

  • No Free Rides

    We play to win. From day one, consistent hard work and perseverance from every RoundPointer have fueled our company. We recognize and reward performance. We believe success isn't a right, but everyone has an opportunity to earn it. 

We want RoundPointers to thrive and win in every area of their life. We have tons of exciting events and initiatives
that focus on things like: family, philanthropy, fitness, and fun.