The Loan Transfer Process

Being Transferred to a New Servicer?


If your loan is transferring FROM RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing LLC to a different loan servicer, you likely have questions. Don't worry, the following explains each step of the process:

Note: If your loan is transferring TO RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing LLC from your previous servicer instead, get more info here.


Here’s how the
loan transfer process works

Within 15 days of your loan transfer, RoundPoint will send you a letter providing notice of the transfer and outlining the name and contact information of your new servicer.
Within 15 days of your loan transfer, you may receive a call from our team. We use this as a chance to express our appreciation to have had the opportunity to service your mortgage, and to ensure a smooth transition from RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing LLC to your new servicer.
The day your loan transfers from us, the new servicer will begin the loan on-boarding process. If you call in after your transfer date, our automated system will immediately provide you with helpful information about the transfer process and your new servicer.
10–15 days after your loan transfers from us, you will receive a welcome letter from your new servicer providing you with all relevant account information as well as your first billing statement from the new servicer.

Note: Under Federal Law, during the 60-day period following the effective date of the servicing transfer of your loan, a loan payment received by your old servicer prior to the due date may not be treated by the new loan servicer as late, and a late fee may not be imposed on you.

Frequently Asked

Service Transfers are a common occurrence in the mortgage industry. There is nothing a customer does to cause a transfer.
Update your payment information

  • Your new servicer will begin accepting payments after the transfer date.
  • Visit Servicing Digital to complete such action

Disable any recurring payments to RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing LLC

  • If you're enrolled with us to have your monthly mortgage payment automatically debited from your bank account, this service will end when the transfer occurs. We will draft any payment you have already scheduled on or before the transfer date, but any payments scheduled after that date will NOT draft. If you use your bank’s automatic Bill Pay service, please make sure to update it with information for your new servicer.

Transfer your optional insurance coverage

  • Important note about insurance: If you have mortgage life or disability insurance, or any other type of optional insurance, the transfer of servicing rights may affect your coverage. This may put you are at risk of your policy being cancelled. To discuss options for maintaining your optional insurance coverage, please contact your provider directly.

The only thing that changes during a service transfer is who manages the loan:

  • Who you make your payments to
  • Who manages your escrow
  • Who manages all your questions/account concerns

Please be assured the transfer of your mortgage loan does NOT affect any term or condition of the mortgage agreement. However, the transfer could impact fees charged by the new servicer to perform certain activities, such as fees to process payments and/or to set up automatic payments to be drafted from your bank account.