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What is a Consumer Ombudsman?
If we are unable to resolve your issue, the RoundPoint Consumer Ombudsman is available to step in to help find a solution. The Consumer Ombudsman’s purpose is to protect customer interests by responding to escalated complaints, monitoring our business activity, and working with business units to resolve customer issues.

The Consumer Ombudsman offers an independent and impartial resolution process and acts as a neutral negotiator of customer inquiries. The Consumer Ombudsman does not advocate for either the business or the customer but rather ensures a fair process for review of the issue.

What kind of assistance can the Consumer Ombudsman provide?

Once a customer requests Consumer Ombudsman assistance, the Consumer Ombudsman will confirm the issue is appropriate for review. The Consumer Ombudsman will notify the customer following receipt of the request for assistance if the case can be opened. If the Consumer Ombudsman is unable to accept the request for assistance, the customer will receive a response explaining the reason for this determination.

If the Consumer Ombudsman determines a review is warranted, a complete investigation of the issue will be conducted. The Consumer Ombudsman may contact either the customer or a RoundPoint department to obtain additional facts needed to complete the investigation. Once the review is complete, the Consumer Ombudsman will make a recommendation to RoundPoint on how to resolve the situation. The Consumer Ombudsman’s recommendation and the final resolution of the issue are then communicated to the customer.