Renovation Loans

Innovation through renovation!

Avoid The High Interest Rates of a Credit Card 

With a renovation loan you can fund home renovations in the home you currently live or purchase a fixer-upper and roll costs of improvements into the loan. You could even use a renovation mortgage to purchase a home that isn’t livable and finance the cost of turning it into your dream home. Whatever you decide, RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing Corporation can help – reach out to a loan officer today to discuss your vision.

Purchase and Renovate in a Single Renovation Mortgage Solution

Found a home in the perfect location but it needs repairs? With a renovation mortgage you can finance the cost of the home purchase plus extra as cash-out to fund the work you want to do on it. Instead of waiting to fix up the home, you can begin updating immediately with the funds from the mortgage. Pay for it all with the low rates of a monthly mortgage payment over the life of your loan. 

Refinance Into a Renovation Loan to Finance Home Improvements
If you already own a home and want to give it a facelift, you can use a renovation loan to get cash-out to fund your project. Whether you need to fix a problem, like leaky pipes or an old roof, or just want to update a kitchen, the renovation mortgage can help. With this option, you refinance your home for more than it’s currently worth and get cash-out to use toward your home improvements. 

Need ideas of what to use your renovation loan for? Here are a few:

While you can only make approved improvements with your renovation loan, the list is pretty big. Below are a few common updates that a renovation mortgage can help you make. Speak to your loan officer to find out if your project can be funded with a renovation loan!

  • Remodel the kitchen or bath
  • Renovate or add a room
  • Paint the house or add siding
  • Add a porch, deck or patio
  • Replace a leaky roof
  • Conserve energy with new windows
  • Put in new flooring, carpeting or tile
  • Update electrical wiring, plumbing or heating systems
  • Conserve energy with new windows
  • Plus much more!